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Diastasis Recti

July is ‘Diastasis Recti Awareness Month’ and I want to take this time to highlight a topic that has had a substantial amount of “buzz” in both the birthing communities and social media.  Diastasis recti abdominus (DRA) is a ‘condition’ in which the rectus abdominal muscles, known to some as “the 6 pack muscles” areContinue reading “Diastasis Recti”

Sex After Baby

Congratulations!!!!!You just had your adorable baby! A few weeks have passed, maybe a few months and we have realized that we have a problem. Sexy-time is no longer sexy!For some of you that might look like having absolutely no interest in sex. For others, you were ready to jump back under the sheets, but whenContinue reading “Sex After Baby”

Pelvic PT Part 2: What to Expect At Your Appointment

If you haven’t read part 1 of this series, Pelvic PT: What it is and why you need it, please check it out HERE.  So you have been told that you need pelvic PT. Maybe you have been experiencing bladder or bowel issues.Maybe you have been having pelvic pain.Maybe you have been having issues with sex andContinue reading “Pelvic PT Part 2: What to Expect At Your Appointment”