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Maternal Health Awareness

January 23rd is Maternal Health Awareness Day and we want to share 5 major tips with you as you prepare for pregnancy and birth.  We all have heard the horrors of birth in the United States. We have the highest maternal mortality rate of industrialized countries throughout the world and additionally we as a countryContinue reading “Maternal Health Awareness”


When Valentine’s might not mean SEXY time!

It’s the season of love- SEXY time!Many will be getting their “swerve” on this Valetine’s day week (yeah to pregnant and post-partum clients) but for many Post-partum moms it’s not that easy. For many, they dread it! ️First off for most women, sex is NOT at the forefront of their mind…their newborn is! ️Secondly, mostContinue reading “When Valentine’s might not mean SEXY time!”

10 tips for moms who have hemorrhoids

Most women when they are pregnant will experience hemorrhoids. After all, they affect at least 10% of women during this time. But what are they???? Hemorrhoids are really no more than swollen veins in the rectum. During pregnancy the pressure of the growing fetus on the pelvis and blood vessels can result in irritation andContinue reading “10 tips for moms who have hemorrhoids”

Marijuana and Chronic Pelvic Pain

Before you jump to conclusions… No,  I am not insisting you get “high”, but you have to admit that the title sounds way catchier than “CBD oil for chronic pelvic pain”. Many people still are unaware of CBD oil, its origins and benefits. Many are still cautious with regards to the use of marijuana productsContinue reading “Marijuana and Chronic Pelvic Pain”

Strengthening your lady parts…

One, Two, Three, Four…. That’s usually the sound of any person counting as they exercise, counting rep by rep… sometimes even with the addition of a little weight. Well did you even know that there is such a thing called a vaginal weight? You heard me… VA-GI-NAL weights! But before you go jumping to AmazonContinue reading “Strengthening your lady parts…”

Hip pain during and after pregnancy

This one is for all my crossfit moms. So you have had your baby and you go back to lifting… but you notice that you are having a pinching pain in your hip… maybe you noticed this prior to lifting, with walking, stairs, air squats etc. Since the pain or discomfort is at the “front”Continue reading “Hip pain during and after pregnancy”

Fecal Incontinence… the stuff no one talks about

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, fecal incontinence is the recurrent and involuntary loss of stool or flatus (gas). Often times one of the main causes post partum is obstetric trauma or pudendal nerve injury. Different studies have shown at least 1 in 4 women having fecal incontinence within 6 months ofContinue reading “Fecal Incontinence… the stuff no one talks about”

Diastasis Rectus Abdominus in the pregnant and post partum woman

Commonly referred to as DRA, this is a separation of the rectus abdominus muscle or “6-pack muscle” of the abdomen. Although it can occur in men and children (for varying reasons) it is commonly seen in women in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and the post-partum period. Some reports state that at least 75% of womenContinue reading “Diastasis Rectus Abdominus in the pregnant and post partum woman”

Why Post-partum Physical Therapy Should Be The New Standard of Care

So… you had a baby. Congratulations! You got pregnant and watched your body go through these AMAZING changes over a period of 9 months. There were even changes that you did not see. These included:– the stretching of the linea alba as the abdominal muscles and connective tissues stretches to accommodate your growing stomach– the relaxation ofContinue reading “Why Post-partum Physical Therapy Should Be The New Standard of Care”

C-sections…Do they really save your pelvic floor?

While the level of trauma known with vaginal delivery is not the same as that with a cesarean, there is still a risk for trauma to the pelvic floor. According to research, planned cesareans are not protective of urinary incontinence as 40% still report it (MacArthur et al., 2011), nor pelvic organ prolapse (Glazener et al., 2013).Continue reading “C-sections…Do they really save your pelvic floor?”